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The Magic of Learning and Growing

At Wandilla Magic Child Care Centre we believe the early years lay the foundation for a child’s sense of being, belonging and becoming.  We believe the children in our care learn best when they are completely comfortable and confident in their environment.  What seems like play to us is a full time job to our children, and supported by meaningful play experiences we know that they will flourish and grow.  It is our intention to scaffold children’s learning by linking their play experiences to significant concepts.  We believe that children are capable to achieve anything they want, as long as they are given the correct skills, tools and guidance.

We aim to act in the best interest of the children in our care; by doing so we will provide the highest quality care possible, nurturing our children to their fullest potential.   To do this Wandilla aims to be a positive and inspiring space of discovery, motivating all children to be active participants in their learning.  It is our duty to respect and maintain the myriad of views, beliefs and values represented by the families enrolled at our service regardless of culture, religious and family beliefs, socio-economic status, gender or abilities.  We appreciate that everyone is different and welcome all to our service.  The needs and rights of the child will always be put first, without prejudice and always affording equal opportunity.  Continually encouraging children to be the best they can be.

We believe that family are the most important part of a child’s life and endeavor to extend on each child’s existing knowledge from home, collaborating with our families to achieve the best outcome for their children.  We believe in the care of the whole child and therefore maintain strong links to our community.  We welcome an open flow of communication between families, educators and management as a part of our commitment to continuous improvement.  To achieve harmonious relationships between educators, families and management we believe in professionalism and mutual respect for one another.

It is our belief that each child has individual needs and it is the duty of our educators to identify and nurture each child in a way that is tailored to them.  We allow children to explore their environment and the world that surrounds them confidently and with purpose.  Staff reflect on their practices so that they may continually enhance their abilities as educators.  We pride ourselves on the continual support given to guide children’s transitions from kindergarten to prep.

Our children are the future of our world – we aim to have the most positive impact on these little beings as possible.

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Our Educators

Our Educators are specially chosen for their dedication and care for children. As well as these qualities Wandilla Magic staff are professionally trained in Early Childhood and hold a variety of degrees as required by Child Care Regulations

All Educators are approved by The Department of Early Childhood Education and Care.

Wandilla Magic ensures that all Educators hold a current Suitability Card (also known as a Blue Card) which is provided by the Commission for Children and Young People.

To enhance their skills  our Educators attend professional development courses and participate in seminars and in-service workshops throughout the year.

Acreditation & Awards

Wandilla Magic has been entered in to the Gold Hall of Fame Albert & Logan Business Achiever Awards for winning 7 Business Achiever awards throughout their involvement.

  • 2002 Winner
  • 2003 Winner
  • 2004 Finalist
  • 2005 Winner
  • 2006 Winner
  • 2007 Winner
  • 2008 Finalist
  • 2009 Finalist
  • 2010 Winner
  • 2011 Winner

Quality Profile

Click here to view Wandilla Magics Quality Profile from the National Childcare Accreditation Council.

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Wandilla Magic Childcare Centre
Phone: 07 3801 1251

10-12 Wandilla Crescent
Loganholme. QLD 4129

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